About Connexion

Connexion Clothing LLC is a black owned D{M}V (Washington DC Metropolitan Area) based clothing company founded in 2017. This clothing brand was created to reach out to at risk youth, and inspire them to reach higher. Thankfully, Connexion Clothing has been able to do just that by helping out a local Boys & Girls Club by donating needed supplies , community give back events, donating clothes to the less fortunate and purchasing jerseys for a local soccer team!

Connexion isn't only about fashion, it's more about getting the most out of every interaction in your everyday life. Fashion just happens to be the first step in this journey.  Maybe there’s a new career path you want to go on, new business you want to start or you may just want to change your life in general. You must start by connecting with someone that’s already on that path.

Our team ensures the quality in every product that is sent out. Where most solo-run business are about money, Connexion is about it's namesake. It's about connecting others no matter the culture, religion, race, background, or inner self.